“Independent” Infrastructure Impact Investing Partners (4IP LLC) is a leading Alternative Investment and Financial Advisory Boutique. Our staff advice both private and public – sector clients, including a wide range of organisations, from corporates, private equity houses and entrepreneurs, to financial institutions, hedge funds, Infrastructure funds, pension funds, Insurance companies and government bodies on issues related to Infrastructure Financing as well as impact investors, private equity firms, family offices, governments, NGOs, nonprofits, SMEs, the private and public sectors, and entrepreneurs related to Impact Investing.

4IP is also an organization with the particular mission to promote sustainability thought leadership for emerging and frontier markets’ development. 4IP is an impact investing pioneer group specialized in advisory, research, incubation, market data and news. Developing existing client relationships and creating new ones – influencing the growth of Impact Investing in Africa and other emerging markets.

4IP was established in March 2017. Today our principal office is in Geneva, Switzerland, while we also have offices in Italy (Milan) and France (Paris). We operate internationally and work with clients across the world but focused on emerging and frontier markets in primarily Africa and Asia.

In addition to serving our clients, 4IP engages and contributes to ongoing policy-focused debate at seminars and conferences (most recently the Africa CEO Forum; UNECE People First PPPs etc.), as well as delivering capacity building PPP and Impact Investing training courses and knowledge sharing presentations to international clients.


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