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4IP Newsletter

22 Jun 20
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Health PPPs and pandemic

07 Jun 20
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Health PPPs and Pandemic By Thibaut Mourgues, Member Executive Committee, #WAPPP and Managing Partner at 4IP Infrastructure and Impact Investing
In a time of emergency such as what we are all currently experiencing, many people tend to believe that Public Private Partnerships (#PPPs) are not the most suitable tool to contribute to the fight against a #pandemic. The reason is that PPPs in the meaning of the World Bank usually refer to #infrastructureprojects that require years of #planning#design and #construction before providing any operational support. Could they be wrong? Could PPPs be effective also in time of #crisis?
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Health PPPs and Pandemic

4IP involved in UNECE Impact assessment tool development

07 Jun 20
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Building back stronger: UNECE mobilizes experts, incl. 4IP Infrastructure and Impact Investing two Managing Partner and two members of our #InfrastructureImpactFund‘s #Advisory committee, to better #evaluate #resilience of #infrastructure & #‎publicservices.
UNECE’s work to develop an #evaluationmethodology to #score #infrastructureprojects against #SDGs. At a virtual meeting on 23 March 2020, the UNECE Project Team, established in January 2020, unanimously agreed to integrate most robust #resiliencecriteria into the #Peoplefirst #ProjectImpactAssessmentTool that is being developed.

This new UNECE tool will make it possible to #evaluate & #test the #quality of infrastructure & public services incl #PPPs.
The UNECE-led Project Team consists of over 100 experts, incl. Thibaut Mourgues & Christian Kingombe . They work in 5 sub-teams to define #benchmarks or #evaluationcriteria and a #scoringsystem for #Peoplefirstoutcomes. These are:
1. access & equity
2. #economiceffectiveness
3. environmental sustainability and resilience
4. replicability
5. stakeholder engagement.

Impact investing in Zambia: 4IP contribution

07 Jun 20
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#IIXChapterLusaka, founded by 4IP Infrastructure and Impact Investing Managing Partner Christian Kingombe, is a key part of the The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) National Advisory Board for Impact Investing secretariat driving #Zambia‘s recent recognition as #ChampionGSGII NABII National Advisory Board.

Spotlight on #Zambia

Now more than ever, #impactinvesting is needed as a critical #riskmitigation strategy, helping to build more #resilient and healthy communities through the lens of #risk#return, and #impact. IIX’s Chapters around the world are doing precisely that, helping countries like #Zambia prepare to weather the global crisis.
Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) Chapters are spearheaded by #graduates of IIX Impact Institute, where leaders are equipped to #transformfinance by embracing, #measuring, and #innovating solutions to #risk.

PPP Planning in post-Covid 19 world

07 Jun 20
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In this WAPPP, APMG hosted webinar, panelists discuss the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on PPP projects and programs, how to deal with its repercussions, offer lessons learned, and share opportunities that might come out of the pandemic I had the pleasure and honour to be one of the panelists; I tried to explore the fall-out of the crisis on PPPs at various time horizons, considering the turnng point that we are facing.

This presentation was a collaboration between
#WAPPP World Association of PPP Units and APMG. Over 180 participants followed the session.

The presenters were :

David Baxter, International Development Consultant, PPP Navigator
Marc Frilet, Concession and PPP Expert, Frilet Société d’Avocats
Natalia Korchakova-Heeb, Managing Director, SDG.17 Consulting GmbH
Thibaut Mourgues, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, 4IP Group Sàrl/LLC
Naresh Bana, F.I.E., M.I.M.A., M.I.P.W.E. Bana, Chair of WAPPP Editorial Board
Michael Dallas : Director APM Group (Host)

To access the slides and recording of the webinar, follow this link.: