Fund Management


Impact Infrastructure Fund (IIF) is a private equity fund that focuses on infrastructure public private partnerships with a strong impact dimension. While the Impact Investing market is rapidly growing, the offer for Infrastructure funds with an impact dimension has not matched the demand. IIF contributes to bridge the gap.

The Fund iis currently raising USD 100 mln that will be invested into PPPs for an average of USD 5-15 mln per project. It  focuses on a few key sectors in emerging markets. The Fund always invests alongside reputable investors and sees its mission as promoting the impact dimension in the structuring of a transaction. It operates in close cooperation with public authorities and private sector at the global level (Africa, South East and Central Asia). Expected sector allocation includes renewable energy (40%), sustainable transport (40%) and health (20%).

Management is ensured by a team led by 4IP partners with the support of analysts. It capitalizes on the extensive experience of 4IP partners in the field of PPPs.

Return targets are in the range of 12-15%. Impact objectives are defined in the guidelines pertaining to the fund documentation.

The Fund has a 10 to 15 years duration, with a three-year disbursement period.

Read our 4-pager brochure:  IIF 4P brochure_4 pager