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4IP Group is currently mandated to develop the following investment opportunities:


Country Sector Amount
Guinea Fruit juice manufacturing $ 5 M
Guinea Fishing $15 M
Romania Renewable (wind) $ 125 M
Tanzania Railway  tbd
Zambia Sugar plantation $ 5 M
Zambia Mungungo oil $5 M
Zambia Diatomite pesticide $ 25 M
Zimbabwe Meat&Live stock $ 105 M
Zimbabwe Green fuel $200 M

4IP has also built a pipeline of smaller Impact investment opportunities located in Zambia:

  • First Hatch Expansion (fisheries)
  • Pacold Ltd (agriculture commodity trading)
  • Apex University teaching hospital (education)
  • AWC Fine Food (agroprocessing)
  • Amicus (agroprocessing,poultry and horticulture )
  • C&J Harvey Farms (agroprocessing, wheat flour)
  • Livonia Farms (agroprocessing, multiple products)

Please contact us at info@4ipgroup.org for more information.