[heading]Leadership & Senior Advisors[/heading]

Christian Kingombe, Co-founding Managing Partner (see Professional Profile)

Thibaut Mourgues, Co-founding Managing Partner (see Professional Profile)




[heading]The Team[/heading]

4IP international team is drawn from leading consultancies, international financial institutions, academia and think tanks.

The founding team has extensive experience and expertise with a combined pedigree of more than 40 years of dealing with a range of issues in (development) finance, impact investing, public (PPP & Impact Investing) policy and economics, and providing strategic and financial advisory support on private sector participation in infrastructure and/ or other impact investing sectors in primarily in emerging markets, more specifically expertise in:

  • Project Finance & Public-Private Partnerships (PPP);
  • Financial and Economic Analysis, including Cost Benefit Analysis, & Reporting;
  • Transaction advisory support, including feasibility assessment, structuring and financing (including financial modelling);
  • Developing the infrastructure investment activities.
    • Advise investors in the structuring of impact and infrastructure investing financial vehicles
  • Project Preparation;
  • Impact Investing & Sustainable Finance:
    • Impact Measurement and Evaluation for Impact Investing
    • Targeting and Measuring Social and Environmental Impact.
    • Sourcing, organizing and analyzing impact funds data.
    • Building key market intelligence for client company as well as for the benefit of the overall impact investment community.
    • Fund reporting:
      • In-house mandates: performance and monitoring
      • MIV market trends
    • Fund Research: data collection, aggregation & analysis
    • Fund performance benchmarking: analyze and produce standardized IRR/return valuation of each surveyed fund
  • Advisory services to Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors;
  • Determinants of foreign direct investment, including Diaspora Investment; Emerging / Frontier Markets (project with Graduate Institute Geneva);
    • Behavioural Investing/Finance;
  • Inter-Ministerial PPP Policy Coordination and Governance (project with CSEND);
  • DFI financial instruments;
    • Country Risk Assessment & Risk Rating (CPIA);
    • Managing & reviewing due diligence and structuring work-streams;
    • Overseeing the full investment process, from origination to execution infrastructure transaction;
    • Appraisal of (Private Equity/Infrastructure) Investment opportunities;
  • Applied (Micro-& Time series) Econometrics;
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills,
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills.

We supply Senior Advisors and Analysts as well as External Associates who have an excellent understanding of the policy, institutional and regulatory environment and financing needs in emerging and frontier markets infrastructure and/ or impact investing sectors, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Asia, Eastern Europa and OECD.


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