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Fifth 4IP Quarterly E-pitching Event : SDG Investment Opportunities

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May 23, 2023 – May 23, 2023Online event

Join the Fifth 4IP Quarterly E-pitching Event : SDG Investment Opportunities experience

About this event

September 23rd, 15h00 CET=CAT
• 10 promising startups selected by the 4IP Group in
collaboration with our Strategic Partners (Market Enablers in
Zambia (SADC); Tanzania (EAC), Kenya (EAC), Ghana, and
• Exclusively for Impact/ESG-aligned Solutions.
10+ international & pan-African investors, VCs, Corporate VCs,
Impact Tech Funds and Impact Investors with a specific interest
by investing in Impact/Social Enterprises offering solutions to
the SDGs.
Online (Entnest platform), 5 mins + 3-4 mins Q&A
In order to find the right investors in time for the event next week, I will need the following information by this Friday 19th of May noon from your nominated company:

· Name of Company

· Location of Company

· Sector

· 1 paragraph description of the investment opportunity

· Deal size / ask.

Given the short notice, 4IP Group offers the following to the ESO:

· A long-term strategic partnership from 4IP Group to our forthcoming Venture Capital Fund (IHV2) seal through the MoU.

· ESG Advisory Services for your current / past clients (alumni graduates) teaching the Founders how to transition from traditional to Impact Enterprises by adopting the UN SDG Impact Standards (as UNDP-SVI Accredited Trainer).

· Capital Raising services.

· A financial services agreement which will offer the ESO a percentage of the successfee if 4IP Group raise the amount requested by the Founder or if 4IP’s own VCF decides to do the deal.

The event will be organized on the Entnest platform, if you haven’t already registered please register and ask the founder to register as well to pitch : Entnest | Home of Entrepreneurs
We will need the following info about the company pitching
1. Name of Founder
2. Founders e-mail
3. Location (country)
4. Company name
5. Company URL
6. Pitch your company – elevator pitch in 140 character
7. If the company has a demo , what is the url?
8. When was the company established
9. Company logo
10. Select Impact Theme area (SDG outcome covered)
11. Share funding history if any
12. How many active users/clients does the company have?
13. Revenue (MRR) 2 months ago
14. Revenue (MRR) 3 months ago
15. Is there anything else you would like us to know regarding your revenue / growth rate?
16. If the company has already participated in an incubator/accelerator (yours) please tell us about it

The pitchdeck for our event – the company should organize it more or less along the following structure (5 min max)

Max 15 slides which must include all of the following:
1- Problem/s you are solving
2- Solution
3- Market size
4- Go to market strategy
5- Business Model
6- Traction/Revenue/Achievements
7- Team and advisor
8- Next steps
9- Your impact on SDG outcomes (min 1 SDG outcome)

Finally, we will need the company to sign a financial services agreement with 4IP Group as well as your Accelerator programme so we can share the successfee if the event will lead to a deal between company and one of the investors invited