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4IP Group is an independent & privately held financial advisory firm formed to prove that investing for financial return and positive (ESG) impact is not only possible, but the future of mainstream investing as expressed by the Impact Revolution’s advocacy for the new Capitalism 2.0 paradigm Return-Risk-Impact.

4IP Group’s experts mainly provide advisory and consultancy services within the following sectors/areas of expertise.

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  • SME Finance Expert
  • Sustainable Investment / Finance Expert
  • Impact Investing & ESG Expert
  • Impact Assessment / Measurement & Management (e.g. IRIS+; IMP; UN Impact Standards).
  • Infrastructure or Development Economist and Policy Expert
  • Infrastructure Finance Expert
  • (People-First) PPP expert
  • Transport/Transit Facilitation & Logistics (Trade in Services) Expert
  • Regional Integration (AfCFTA/TFTA/ECOWAS) & Trade Expert.


4IP Group tries to help our clients to think about a framework for assessing impact at two levels.

  • We need to understand the asset manager and understand what their commitment is on an on-going basis to impact investing.
  • We also need to understand if they can measure and report on the impact.
  • To understand whether they are integrating ESG at a higher level.

The other aspect of the framework is going a little bit deeper into the asset managers portfolio. In other words, 4IP Group LLC aims to bring the Impact Revolution to first Zambia and subsequently to a number of Sub-Saharan African countries where we already operate. Our 4IP Group mission and main objective with our flagship product, the ESG Toolkit, is to help African Small/Medium growth-oriented businesses (SGBs) transition from traditional operations to becoming a full-fledged Impact / Social Enterprises. This course is designed to give any enterprise or investor the concrete steps they can take to improve SDG Impact management practices. Through 4 universal steps process we will enable your company to create a robust Impact Measurement & Management (IMM) practice.
The benefits of participating in our ESG Training course are the following:

  • Align your work with the UN SDG Impact Standards
  • Share your progress in ways that others trust
  • Be recognized and rewarded for the impact you contribute.

We will show you the interdependence between having an impact investment framework (IMM) in place and the ability to raise capital from impact investors by signing a financial services agreement with you giving us such a mandate if interested.

We offer the prospective trainee companies to participate in a 3-session ESG Training
programme consisting of the following steps:

  1. SDG Strategy steps 1-2 (90 min)
  2. SDG Strategy steps 3-5 (70 min)
  3. Integration / Implementation of Strategy (70 min).

1 Setting the SDG Strategy will enable the Trainee (SGBs) to:

  • Understand material issues most relevant to stakeholders
  • Define target SDG outcomes in ways that align with overall business or investment objectives
  • Create impact thesis for each

 2. Integrating the SDGs will enable the Trainee (SGBs) to:

  • Learn how to put in place resources, tools and processes to measure SDG impact
  • Set performance targets
  • Choose indicators from across the 5 dimensions of impact
  • Decide how to track indicators.

The journey is a cycle – continued strengthening of the practices creating a more robust IMM
helping to generate impact over time – through active management!

Should you as an investment ready enterprise wish to participate in the training, please let us know
when you would be available (date and time during that day) which can be scheduled through


The fact of the matter is that Africa is one of the toughest and least forgiving capital raising environments, and the time and effort spent on it has ‘killed’ or at least really held back many great teams and ideas.
– Ido Sum, Investor

4IP Group LLC Capital Raising for Inclusive Business Graduates of Economic Support Organizations
(Incubators & Accelerators) entrepreneurship training programme to facilitate sustainable
development and inclusive growth.

  • To match graduates (Inclusive Businesses) of the 4IP Group ESG Toolkit training programme with impact investors.
  • The 4IP Group ESG Toolkit to assist impact entrepreneurs in obtaining finance for their business ventures by feeding the 4IP investment pipeline with growth-oriented SMEs.
  • Create a project pipeline of 4IP Group ESG Toolkit Inclusive Businesses (Impact / Social Enterprises) looking for growth capital from impact investing sources.

4IP Group responsabilities

  • 4IP Group works on the selected Economic Support Organizations (ESO) projects to find suitable impact investors.
  • In principle project preparation and negotiation costs for the fundraising process shall be borne by 4IP Group. However, ESO Directors will facilitate the negotiations with the projects Sponsors to have 4IP cost items such as travel and other pocket expenses to be covered by the Sponsors.
  • 4IP services are undertaken under a best effort basis. 4IP does not commit and guarantee successful outcome of the services. However, the Parties are obliged to fulfil the obligations stipulated in and accruing from each Cooperation Agreement.
  • The Parties undertake to provide each other with all the necessary information, references and render assistance in the transaction.
  • While performing their duties for the investment, the Parties will defend each other interests.
  • Both Parties may terminate this cooperation agreement without prior notice in the following cases:
    • If one Party does not perform all of the duties required with the necessary diligence and honesty; 
    • If one Party is in breach of any of the terms and conditions of this cooperation agreement;

Economic Support Organizations (Incubators/Accelerators) Responsibilities

  • Each ESO Director to sign a Cooperation agreement with 4IP Group to commit the centre to  provide access to its pipeline of inclusive business graduates to 4IP Group to enable 4IP Group to select the most promising businesses based on their bankability and degree of advancement as explained by the selection criteria below.
  • ESO Directors to make 4IP Group aware of training workshop devoted to impact/social entrepreneurship.
  • ESO Directors to provide 4IP Group access to all available information on the selected graduates categorized as impact/social enterprises and will introduce 4IP Group to the project sponsors.

ESO Directors will provide all necessary technical expertise to the fundraising process and will participate to negotiations with investors upon 4IP request.
ESO Directors will only select inclusive businesses that have benefited from the following
products and services provided by the ESO Centre:
o Entrepreneurship Training Workshops;
o Business planning;
o Advisory/consulting services;
o Financial literacy, business financing workshops;
o Trade fairs, business-to-business events.

ESO Directors shall not discuss contractual arrangements with other counterparts and such shall
remain confidential during the course of undertaking the Services.