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Our Work Culture

We are proud to foster a high-performance culture, which means that we seek to recruit and retain people who are not only technically-skilled but also globally-minded, innovative and able to leverage their unique perspectives and life experiences to support our success as a new growing company. The culture of 4IP has a considerable part to play; it’s a collegiate, not hierarchical and flat structure culture and one that is very much driven by working in partnership and has high moral. As a market leader, the talent and passion of our people is critical to our success. Together, we share a common set of values rooted in integrity, excellence and strong team ethic. A place for people to learn, to achieve and grow. A philosophy that balances personal lifestyles, perspectives and needs is an important part of our culture.

We are building a team with diverse education and qualifications. We welcome candidates with excellent academic qualifications from a range of disciplines including business, finance, economics and law. Established track record across different infrastructure asset types and transactions structures. Goal-oriented, entrepreneurial and committed.