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ESG Services

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Need Help With ESG Services Or Capital Raising?

ESG Services and Capital Raising

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) refers to three core factors in measuring the sustainability of businesses or investments. ESG has proven that companies inevitably succeed and deliver strong returns if they create value for all stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and company owners. IPA’s ESG Toolkit for impact enterprises is well thought and crafted to promote environmentally conscious and sustainable businesses.

We have developed ESG Toolkits to help identify motivations and set objectives regarding environmental and social outcomes for Businesses, Pension Funds and Asset Managers. We do this through the following tools.

    1. — ESG Toolkit for Impact Enterprises: this is a seven-step guide to help conventional businesses transition into impact enterprises. The toolkit aims at helping businesses incorporate social and environmental impact into their operations alongside their business development activities.
    2. — ESG Toolkit for Pension Funds and Asset Managers: IPA boasts to have a deep understanding of the need to maximize the returns from investments. The four-step guide goes beyond the capitalistic approach to return maximization, the toolkit focusses on a broader approach to asset management, one that guarantees the possible maximum financial, social and environmental returns.


Case study: We’ve supported social enterprises in Zambia with Environmental Social Governance (ESG) toolkits and investment readiness programmes.

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