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Christian Kingombe

Dr. Christian Kingombe

Managing Partner and Lead in Connector & Enabler

Christian Kingombe in March 2017 co-founded the 4IP Group LLC where he is the Managing Partner & Lead in Connector and Enabler Impact Investing & People-First PPP activities (Advisory Services; Impact Investing Match-making & Capital Raising; and Impact Assessment) in Emerging Markets

His career included :

Postions with International Organizations [UNCTAD (2000; 2009, 2015-2016); African Development Bank (2012-2015); UNECE (2005); and ILO (2001-2004)];

Academia [(Graduate Institute Geneva (2011-12; 2016-2017); Centre for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford (2009-2010); and ENSAE-CREST at ParisTech (2007-2008)]; Think Tanks [Centre for Development Research (today DIIS) (1999-2000); Overseas Development Institute (2010-2012); OECD Development Centre (2007-2008); and CSEND (2016-on-going)];

and Private Sector [COWI Consulting Group (2006-2007), 4IP Group (2017-on-going)].

He has earned a Ph.D. in Applied Development Economics at successively Centre for Development and Poverty Reduction (2004-2007) & Centre for Environmental Policy (2008-2010) at Imperial College London & University of London (2004-2010), UK, as well as a MSc. & BSc. from Economics Department at the University of Copenhagen (1993-1999), Denmark.

On 8 June 2017 he obtained a Certificate of Achievement after successfully completing Fundamentals of Impact Investing: A View from the Field a course of study offered by the IIX Impact Institute.

Christian Kingombe has written more than 100 articles, working papers, book chapters, reports, policy briefs and newsletter/paper articles. He has also written widely on development finance; public private partnerships and impact investing issues including: