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4IP cooperates with several private organizations including:

  • SDG17 Consulting

Website:   https://sdg17consulting.de

  • Mekongeconomics

Website:   http://www.mekongeconomics.com

4IP Group is currently mandated to develop the following investment opportunities:

  • Pay-as-you-gas

Country: South Africa

Business Model: Delivery of cooking gas directly to the end consumer through local gas filling stations

Development stage: pilot operational.

Financial offer: USD 1 mln equity

Teaser available here

  • Pashuchikitsa

Country: India

Business Model: On-line application/local centers to provide qualified veterinary services in rural India

Development stage: operational; sponsor has invested USD 150,000

Financial offer: USD 1 mln equity to support company expansion

Teaser available here

  • Debitum

Country: Latvia

Business Model: Short term on-lending platform to credit rated Eastern Europe SMEs

Development stage: Operational and rapidly growing

Financial offer: EUR 10 mln debt facility (interest rate up to 8%)

Teaser available here

  • Athy River

Country: Kenya

Business Model: Affordable eco-friendly housing project for the middle-class

Development stage: Construction ready to start (use of Panel Point technology)

Financial offer: USD 5 mln equity and USD 5 mln debt to finance construction; pledge on land (value USD 13 mln)

Teaser available here

  • H2Warp

Country: Europe

Business Model: Hydrogen car

Development stage: innovative technology; manufacturing stage

Financial offer: TBD

  • Solar power project

Country: Zimbabwe

Business model:

  • Capacity: 75 MW
  • PPA (30 years): 9 cents USD/kWh – indicative price
  • Government guarantee: Available
  • Land: 150 ha identified, lease pending
  • Teaser available here

4IP has also built a pipeline of smaller Impact investment opportunities located in:


  • First Hatch Expansion (fisheries)
  • Pacold Ltd (agriculture commodity trading)
  • Apex University teaching hospital (education)
  • AWC Fine Food (agroprocessing)
  • Amicus (agroprocessing,poultry and horticulture )
  • C&J Harvey Farms (agroprocessing, wheat flour)
  • Livonia Farms (agroprocessing, multiple products)

Please contact us at info@4ipgroup.org for more information.